Saturday, 11 January 2014

Needlefelting Machine

Well my Stitching friends, I got a Needlefelting Machine for Christmas, and here are some samples of my playtime with it.
 The  possibilities are endless. And it's so quick and simple of use too.
So far I've been using felt, and leftover wool strands.
 Above and below are two pictures of some flowers I made. The one above is from the back of the work and so you get to see where the fabrics have been punched through to the back, which gives a lovely painterly effect.
The one below is the front. This is simply felt on felt with a few strands of wool for the stems.
 In the one below I've needlefelted some voile onto a felt background
I'm playing around trying to get a beach/sand effect

As I'm very much learning about my machine at the moment
I watched a programme on Create and Craft (Shopping Channel) yesterday
where I picked up a couple more tips I'll be trying out
watch this space.....I'll let you know how it goes.

Off to play some more now, Joy

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