Wednesday, 4 June 2014


So excited just finished my June contemporary quilt challenge (May got put to one side because I became so excited with June).

Again it's made using my felting machine to create the base layers. Which I've covered with wool roving.

 Here is was with just the wool roving felted onto the background
(colours on these pics a bit muted)

Then I began hand stitching on the 'waves'

Then the 'ripples' at the tides edge
 And Finally the bird and his refelection in the waters edge.
As you can see I've stitched this piece onto some wadding/batting/

And all inspired by some pictures I took down Aberavon Beach, Port Talbot

Hope you like
I'm thrilled with my little creation! 



  1. Love this piece of work Joy.How clever you are! Jusdith

  2. that's lovely Joy,, something different... How big is it ??? Sally

  3. It's 8" square - that's the size it needs to be for the contemporary challenge I'm doing - One 8" piece every month for a year.

  4. It's gorgeous love the birds on the beach how clever of you to depict it all in your challenge.