Saturday, 5 July 2014

Flower Power

I decided to really get to grips with making machine needlefelted flowers yesterday....
And here are the results of my labours:
Not a bad bunch of flowers even if I do say so myself!
The most difficult part for me was cutting out the circles!
I was folding my fabrics into four cutting an arc across the top and I kept getting ovals......
Hence the blue one in the middle of the top row below is hidden slightly under the lavender one next to it. 
That middle flower is definitely not a circle!  
Anyway - I kept on trying and eventually circles appeared.
I thought it best to make quite a few to get the 
technique embedded into my brain cells!
  They are really quick and simple to make up
(if you start with a circle shape)
I'd read how to make these flowers and had mixed
results working on my own.

Jennie Rayment was showing how to make flowers
while trying to sell the Simplicity Needlefelting Maching.
I taped the episode and watched Jennie making them over and over -
'till I got it! 
The above is a piece of silk fabric (doubled) and simply
passed through the needle felting machine.
(another thing Jennie has showed us)
How good is that?

I'm all flowered out at the moment so next 'play day' I'll be
playing with silk on my much loved Simplicity Needlefelting Machine.


  1. Thank you Ros. They were fun to make once I got the hang of cutting circles!