Thursday, 23 January 2014

Inspired by..

I learnt a wonderful crafting lesson from an eight year old last week.

My eight year old neighbour Sophie call over to see my dog Daisy.
I had just poured out some paint ready to try using my new wooden stamps.

I had carefully chosen two colours of paint and three of my precious new stamps.

So I gave Sohpie three choices.
1. Stay and play with the dog.
2. Go home and call again.
3. Come to my workroom to try stamping on fabric.

Sophie didn't hesitate.
Option 2 was a complete non starter.
Option 1 - well she figured she could play with Daisy anytime.

And so she skipped happily behind me into my work room.

Now, I don't know how you are at making decisions.
But I had thought long and hard about which paints and printing blocks to use.

I had spent days if not weeks working myself up to be ready to try out my precious new printing blocks.

And of course the choice of fabric to print on had taken some considerable time too.

So. The day had finally come.
I was about to start printing onto fabric. I had butterflies in my stomach. Was I really sure I was ready for this big step?

We got all pinnied up.
We had tissues, water, brushes, sponges, a piece of old lino to work on. A scrubbing brush - I still wasn't sure I was totally prepared.

However, Sophie just jumped straight in. Stamp stamp stamp.

She quickly used both paints and all three wooden printing blocks.
Within ten minutes Sophie was ready to move on.

Can I try some of the other printing blocks she asked.
And then. Can I try some of your other paints?

I took a deep breath - took my courage in both hands and said yes to all Sophie's requests.
She stamped away quite happily. Using lots of colours and lots of different stamps.

Well, what's a girl to do.

I slipped off about 50 years and joined Sophie in her printing spree.

And I thought this is fun. This is how you experiment - with child like abandon.
And the fog began to lift.
When did I lose that wonderous joy of childhood play?
I had had more fun and learnt more about block printing in half an hour with Sophie than I would have in days on my own.

So my recommendation to you is.
Get in touch with your inner child.
If you have children or grandchildren invite them over to play.......

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