Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Welsh Pear (paisley)

Well I'm busy working on my second contemporary challenge quilt - Febuary's offering.
I've decided to keep to a Welsh theme for the year. And this one is the Welsh Pear or paisley to most of you.

I'm still playing on my needlefelting machine.
And here is a close-up of the work in progress.

The red and black fabric you can see around the
outside edge has been used as a backing to the black felt. I've then needlefelted the outer border and a paisley shape from the back of the work creating a more subtle red and black image. I'm currently hand stitching quilting lines onto the work. Just thought I'd share with you my progress so far.

Update - All finished now - mind you it's not a very photogenic quilt - looks better in real life.

Still - I've finished it - and I've learnt lots in the process.

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